Raised on a “healthy” diet of cartoons, comics, and video games, Central Ohio based Nate Lovett has been drawing since he could first hold a crayon. he’s been working in comics and illustration professionally since 2007, getting his first real start with Xombie: Reanimated from Devil’s Due. From there, his fun, colorful and animated style has led to working on comics, children’s books, and concept art for Marvel, Image, Action Lab, Nickelodeon, Random House, Viz, and Hasbro, on projects such as Dungeons & Dragons, Marvel Comic Presents, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Paw Patrol, Corn & Peg, Rusty Rivets, G I JOE, Bravest Warriors, Redakai, Monsuno, Hack/Slash and more. Currently he’s hard at work on his own all ages Projects, the Sci Fi adventure Carter Kain & The action Adventure PUNK RAWK NINJA.

email: nate@Nate-lovett.com

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